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Education Rights

Right to a Quality Education

Every child has the fundamental right to receive a quality education. It can be a challenge to get your child the educational services they need and deserve. When you are dealing with a legal problem that involves your child’s education, you need to have the advice and counsel of a skilled attorney – a Texas education rights attorney who understands education law and the complicated processes and procedures schools use when conflicts and issues arise.  

At Morais Kim Law, we work with parents and families who are involved in disputes with both public and private schools. When it comes to education, you want the best for your child. Often, getting the best requires working with an experienced attorney who will fight for the rights of your child. Whether you are having difficulties obtaining special education services for your child or dealing with bullying or harassment at school, we aggressively advocate for your child at every stage of the process.

Special Education Services

When a student has special needs, schools and parents must work together to develop an education plan that best serves the individual needs of the child. While many schools are dealing with shrinking budgets and a lack of resources, these challenges do not relieve schools from their duty to provide appropriate educational services to students with special needs.  

The state and federal laws governing special education are involved. When we work with a family of a child with special needs., we take the time to explain the legal rules and procedures in clear and straightforward manner. Our goal is to ensure our clients understand their child's rights under the law and all of the services that may be available to help their child.

Bullying and Harassment

Despite widely publicized tragedy of teen suicide following bullying and harassment, they remain common in schools throughout the nation. Bullying has evolved from teasing and name-calling to cyberbullying - harassment using electronic mediums, including social media sites. With a single click, students can be subjected to severe humiliation and intimidation that can be viewed by their classmates, teachers and countless others.

When traditional or cyberbullying occurs, many parents are reluctant to bring the incident to the attention of the school. What if saying something makes it worse? What can the school do? If you suspect your child is being bullied at school, your greatest risk lies in remaining silent.

We have successfully negotiated and mediated school bullying and harassment problems between parents, students, teachers and administrators. Our goal is to help all parties work together to develop creative solutions, often resulting in a more supportive environment for the child at school, without the expense and stress of changing schools or litigation.

Educational Disputes

Morais Kim Law is committed to helping students receive the best education possible. Texas education rights attorney, Michellé Morais, represents families and children dealing with a diverse range of education problems, including special education services, bullying and harassment, home-schooling rights, suspensions and expulsions, and other education-related matters.

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