Helping You Be Their Hero

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Our Mission

Morais Kim Law exists to help families find effective solutions to legal problems affecting children.

Guiding Principles

When you work with Morais Kim Law, you will be working with a different kind of law firm. The people here understand protecting and preparing children for adulthood is the most important job in the world. Each of us is committed to taking the time necessary to help you give your child your best. Below are the four core principles that guide us each day. 

  1. Children Come First - We are a small law firm so we cannot accept every case presented to us. But when we do, that client's child is important to every single member of the firm. If we think you can do something differently to help your child we'll tell you. If you are doing something that may hurt your child now or in the future, we will definitely tell you. 
  2. Seek Creative Solutions - Lawyers solve problems. The more problems, the more money, right? Not here. At Morais Kim Law, we are driven to find creative solutions, for one reason: lawsuits are hard on kids. We charge rates that are both reasonable to our clients and fair to the firm. 
  3. Kindness Always Matters - We understand this is a difficult time in your life. So we take the time to explain your options and the potential outcome of each. We strive to keep you informed about what is going on in your case. We aren't perfect people, but we work hard and we care. 
  4. Trust and Teamwork - An effective attorney-client relationship requires teamwork. We are committed to listening closely and telling the truth. We expect the same from our clients. We won't sugar coat our assessment of your situation to get your business. And if we can do something better to help you or your child we want to hear it.  

Morais Kim Law is Prepared to Help 

If you are concerned about a child in your life, Morais Kim Law is ready to help. We work with families facing legal issues that impact the lives of children, including family law matters, education rights and juvenile justice cases

To learn more about Morais Kim Law and how we can best help you and your family through a difficult time, schedule a consultation with attorney Michellé Kim today at 713-515-8830 or