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Children's Bill of Rights

Morais Kim Law wants to make sure the grownups in your life don't ruin it. Seriously. You didn't ask them to split up or do whatever they did. No matter what is happening between your parents, you deserve to be loved and treated fairly by both of them. It's their fight, not yours. But we get it: When they fight, you feel it. Even when you are acting like nothing is wrong. You should not be expected to act or think that what you are going through doesn't hurt. You have rights. Not many, (sorry) but some and grown-ups should not forget them. Like the right to just be a kid, not to have to pick sides, and to feel safe and protected.

Here are some other rights my law firm will talk about with the adults in your life. Feel free to print this out and put it somewhere. Sometimes they need a reminder that you are not just a small adult, but a kid. ~ Sincerely, Michellé

  1. The right to spend time with both of your parents. Just because your parents are splitting up, does not mean you have to choose between one parent or the other.   Provided your safety is not an issue, you should be able to continue to spend time with both sides of your family.  When there is a change to a visit, or where you will be living, they should tell you about what is happening and why the changes are taking place.
  2. The right to be a kid. You are not an adult, and your parents need to make sure they always remember this. Your parents should never discuss their adult problems with you nor should they expect you to make adult-like decisions. Childhood passes far too quickly - you should have the right to enjoy your time as a child and focus on “kid matters” not adult concerns.
  3. The right to love both parents. You should never feel pressure from one of your parents (or a relative or caregiver) to say something bad about your other parent. Additionally, no one should be making negative comments about either one of your parents in front of you. You have the right to love both of your parents, and you should never feel wrong or guilty for doing so.
  4. The right to a caring and supportive home life. When your parents decide to separate or divorce, your home life is going to change. While one parent may be moving out of the house, both of your parents still have a responsibility to provide a caring and supportive environment for you, regardless of where you may be living.
  5. The right to express your feelings and be heard. Separations, divorce and custody/visitation disputes can be very scary and confusing for kids. You should have the right to share your feelings with your parents, and your parents should always take the time to listen to you. While your parents may be going through a rough time, they still need to be parents first and provide you with the guidance and support you need to grow into adulthood.
  6. The right to be safe and free from physical and emotional harm. Regardless of what is happening between your parents, you have the right to be safe. If either one of your parents or any other person is hurting you physically or emotionally, you need to tell someone immediately. You should talk with a person you trust, like your mom or dad, grandparent, social worker or another adult involved in your life.
  7. The right to continued relationships with your relatives. Even when your parents break up, you should still have the right to visit and spend time with your grandparents, cousins and other family members. These people can often help and support you through this challenging period.

Morais Kim Law Will Work to Help Protect Your Rights

Morais Kim Law knows just how important these rights are to kids. When we help a family in crisis, we focus on protecting the children first and foremost. 

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